Catching Up

So I’m pretty bad at keeping the writing side of my work up to date. I have been writing, slowly and steadily. I’m constantly stopping myself from trying to edit as I go and I’ve even gotten to chapter five. In terms of writing prose, that is the farthest I have ever gotten. I would like to take credit for that, but the real credit goes to the ladies of my writing group. We are small but mightily in our constructive feedback and enthusiasm for all of us to get work done. I’ve never been part of a writing group before (natch that, I’ve been part of theater writing groups, not novel or stories) and I find that it’s pretty cool.

My project is still untitled, which is odd for me considering I usually name the project first and then go from there. But I am trying a bunch of new things in order to get this done. Like not naming it, not doing edit overhauls on every chapter AND letting people read the work as it happens. It’s a paranormal/speculative fiction piece that I think is pretty fun. Well, it’s fun to think about it, not as fun to sit down and try to get it all down. But it’s moving along. I don’t know how these others writers churn out project after project in under a year (again, novels and stories…man I wish the ease of writing scripts). I’m hoping with all the hop that I will be able to get a full length draft done by the end of the summer. Late summer. Pretty much the last day of summer.

If I woman up I’ll start posting tidbits.