Practice Writing

I’m taking a writing class that focuses on writing something everyday. We are in the 8th day and so far I’ve writting two things. Prompts are wonderful but hard to complete if you’ve got a to-do list. Below is number 2, the prompt was Health. Please excuse mistakes etc.


Renaldo the Magnificent. No. Renaldo the Amazing. No, wait. Renaldo…the Renaldo?

The mirror looked back at the boy, squinting just a bit to see if she was reading his lips correctly. It was hard to do because she was almost positive he had a lisp. Two days, sporadic reflection sessions, the surface of her face bathed in spit, and she finally, FINALLY realized he was trying to not only say “R” but to roll it.

His name wasn’t even Renaldo. It was Steven. 

She didn’t have a preference for either considering there were consequences for both.

A quick flash and some sparks floated down to the rickety table propping her up. She saw Steven’s mouth round into a giant O, so big she could see the pink of his uvula.  

The uvula. Something only an opera mirror would know.

Bah. There went another one of her lights. Poor Steven was still screaming. Or she thought he might be. She couldn’t actually hear him.

Obviously, in that moment, not being able to hear was a good thing. But it still brought up the memory of her…displacement.

It wasn’t her fault.

One crack and the vocal tone of the singers started to get tinny. Then the crack split in to two and everything sounded like it was coming from the end of a very long tunnel.  

To reflect was a given, but to enhance the reflection because of pitch. That was a gift.

And her gift was taken away by a hairbrush and the overrated tenor who threw it.

So she couldn’t hear anymore. So what right? She was still a mirror. Large enough that if Steven stayed to his right he could see his whole reflection, cape and all, no problem.

She didn’t need to hear him to know that he…that he…wait. Where was he? Oh, there he was.

Good boy. Stand on the chair.

Renaldo the Fantastic. Renaldo the Supreme.

He would never give up on her.

Renaldo the Great.

Yes you are.