Classes, Advice and Things

A month ago I inadvertently managed to free up a big chunk of my week. Let’s just say I had a lot of fingers in many different pies and instead of pacing myself I dropped all the pies at once. I could fill my schedule up again, I’m sure of it, but after a minor freak out with a whole “oh my god what have i done” moment, I opted to do what I’ve been saying I was going to do for YEARS. Take the time that I have and use it to finish a book. Just one.

I’ve been signing up for NanoWriMo since 2009 and I have yet to complete the month with 50K. Alas, it’s not to be this year either. I’ve gotten to 20K and can’t move past the “I must do this part again stage”, but I am not deterred. This story seems promising. It is shocking to me though, the difference between writing a play and a novel. Plays…man, I can turn those out like butter. Novels…it’s like building the freaking pyramids.

Some things that have helped me get past the initial stage of templates and first chapters…

Stanford Continuing Education: I am finishing the online speculative fiction course. It’s been great. Highly suggest it. Will be doing the short stories and developing habits courses in January.

Lauren Layne has a section on her website dedicated to offering advice to authors - so good.

Jennifer Crusie’s blog Argh Ink has been such a great reference.

Coursera - oh my gosh all the things on Coursera!

I’m using this blog to keep my writing habits up…I guess that’s my own advice.