Another Day Another Website

If I had a dollar for all the websites I have created for myself, then I would have thirteen dollars. That’s a lot of digital time I’ve spent on me, that had nothing to do with social media. In fact, my first website was designed before all the face/friend/my/books & spaces, the grams, the chats and so on and so forth into infinity and beyond. I used Dreamweaver with some Flash. God I hated those programs. The pre-programmed site design companies have been amazing, but still time consuming. Especially if you’re a type A design nerd like me. This is my fourteenth attempt at a personal website that provides information on my creative pursuits. I’ve narrowed down the outlets to art and writing. No more self produced plays, forays into animation, full jewelry lines or one of a kind fashion pieces. Streamlined, straightforward…simple. At least that’s the intention. Somehow with all the multitasking I have been able to get some memorable projects done, but a cohesively finished novel has been my Moby Dick. 2019 is the year…for a self published book. I don’t know if I can get it together enough to submit to publishers.