Effort for ECO

There is so much to be concerned about in today’s news (and over time of course). I handle most of the headlines as well as I can (lots of time off twitter helps) but I’m always overwhelmed by climate change and environmental issues.

🌎My first donation to Greenpeace was in middle school, and I’ve been a regular contributor to green causes since paychecks became mandatory for adulting. I’m always at a loss when I realize people are so disconnected from what the environment actually is (without it we cease to exist, kind of a big deal) and I work hard not to get preachy when I feel the need to share facts.

🌎Call me crunchy but the facts are I hate camping, won’t sit on grass without a blanket and THE AMAZON IS ON FIRE. Politics is game playing, opponent baiting, and ineffective but the environment, Earth, the air we breathe is FACT.

🌎Climate Change is real and cows farting is going to take us down (the first time I heard that I laughed so hard. I thought it was a joke).

🌎At a minimum donations help. But the real work comes from making changes. Recycle, reuse, consume less, learn about where your products come from. Opt for quality over cheap availability, consider your trips (daily, vacation etc) and how you can make them more efficient.

🌎Recovering from these fires will take YEARS. Just like oil spills (look up the research on what’s happened to our food sources since the Exxon Valdez...shocking) YEARS of effort. EFFORT, not just waiting for things to get better. .

Kit Bihun